Mother of The Bride/Groom Fashion – John Charles Q & A

To celebrate the arrival of the stunning new Summer 2017 collection in our Mother of the Bride/Groom department, we have an exclusive interview with award winning luxury design house John Charles, with some top tips and inspiration behind their gorgeous new modern occasionwear range.

Are there any particular tips you would give to somebody searching for the perfect Mother of the Bride outfit? 

Less is more; it’s very easy to overdress. My top tip is to put all of your chosen accessories on – earrings, rings, bracelet and heels etc then look long and hard in the mirror and take one thing off. The sales team should become a mother of the bride’s best friend; they can give you all the tips and tricks that you never would have thought of.

How do you work the designs in your collection around the fact that there are people of many different shapes, heights and sizes? 

We design to compliment any figure, not to mask it. A John Charles outfit gently hugs the body and gifts you that very feminine silhouette. Each outfit is created with a unique, signature John Charles structure that does just that, its something we know our customers come back to us time and time again for.

Your pieces are always very glamourous and sophisticated, where do you find, or have previously found, inspiration for your designs?

I am constantly inspired by not just the latest trends in London which I am very lucky to be surrounded by but also those classically chic films like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Great Gatsby (original!) or the much more recent ‘A Single Man’ Tom Ford’s first film as director – the costumes and styling oozes modern sophistication. A great reference I go back to again and again.

On your website it says that you like to subtly incorporate new trends, are there any upcoming trends that you could tell us about? 

I think illusion necklines will be big next season; it’s a trend we have seen time and time again on the catwalks and on celebrities. It’s a wonderful way of having that subtle reveal but without needing to expose or lose the shape of your outfit.

At John Charles, how do you approach the difference in seasons, is there anything in particular that you take into account (e.g. fabrics, length, sleeves and jackets)?

We do take the season into account of course, colours in summer are brighter for example and fabrics lighter but we do also see our collections as transitional with many designs working whatever the season. Having said that we also include some pieces specifically for the season like the brand new coat we introduced for Fall 2015 which was a big hit with our retailers, a great look for winter and the tailored finish gives a very elegant layer to your outfit.

You have been hugely successful in your work, are there any tips you would give to somebody looking to get involved with designing Mother of the Bride outfits?

You need to have the eye, an attention to detail. A great mother of the bride outfit is all about creating that shape that defines a woman’s natural figure. Over the years my team and myself have discovered the shapes that make a woman look and feel glamorous without being overstated.

View our range of John Charles outfits by clicking here, if you would like to make an appointment to come and try our Mother of the Bride/Groom outfits or for more information feel free to call us on 01200 429044.


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