Quick Delivery Wedding Dresses

Hey lovelies!

We hope everyone is keeping well. We’re receiving a lot of enquiries at the minute about lead times and whether we will be able to get dresses for 2020 weddings. Obviously this will depend on when we are able to re-open, but we have put this blog together to show you some of our favourite styles that we can get on quick deliveries from our amazing designers. These dresses can all be ordered in 8-11 weeks rather than our normal 24 week delivery.

Our designers do sometimes carry stock of different styles too, which can be delivered immediately. We do also have a sale room full of off the peg dresses, so there are lots of options – try not to panic!

Aston‘ by Sottero & Midgley

Pierette‘ by Mori Lee

Vanessa‘ by Rebecca Ingram

Rasia‘ by Mori Lee

Ardelle‘ by Rebecca Ingram

Laurie‘ by Mori Lee

Josie‘ by Rebecca Ingram

Courtney‘ by Rebecca Ingram

Maribella‘ by Mori Lee

Reba’ by Mori Lee

Finola‘ by Rebecca Ingram

Summer‘ by Rebecca Ingram

Perdita‘ by Mori Lee

Let us know what you think! If you have any questions or want to know prices, just email us and we will get back to you ASAP.

We also have a new feature on our website called “Find Your Style” where we’ve been creating  personalised mood boards for you full of wedding dresses and style ideas all available from Amelias. Sound like something you’d love? Click here and fill out the form.

We can’t wait to get back to the boutique, we hope to see you all soon!




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